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Ayurvedic Medicine for Joint Pain in Patna

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Ayurveda Treatments for Difficulty Articulating Movements and Joint Pain

The joint difficulty is a disorder that affects many people to varying degrees. Sometimes it can be represented by a minor injury or a cold shock, while in more serious cases; it can give rise to more serious ailments that can even cause illness. High-quality Ayurvedic Medicine for Joint Pain in Patna offered by Bhagwati Ayurved can be an excellent remedy to improve movement articulation.

Ayurvedic Medicine for Joint Pain in Patna Ayurvedic remedies for movement articulation

Anyone who knows Ayurveda knows that the so-called doshas play a very important role in this traditional medicine.

According to Ayurveda, the doshas are located in the body and work together for the functioning of the organism in any part of it.

In fact, dosha means a set of elements that characterize each person and on which the entire balance is based. The dosha in charge of the movement is the Vata Dosha which allows any element to move: blood, for example, air, waste products of the body, menstruation, and movements related to childbirth ... in short, everything includes a movement articulate.

In Ayurveda, between 79 and 81 diseases are described, which concern the alterations of the Dosha Vata precisely because of its characteristics.

In modern medicine, however, these alterations are investigated by various medical disciplines:

  • Neurology, which deals with the processing of impulses and the movement of organs;
  • Rheumatology, which deals with the movement of joints;
  • Gastroenterology, regarding food and digestion;
  • Psych neurology, in relation to the formation of ideas and thoughts.
For Ayurvedic medicine, on the other hand, all these categories are under the dominion of the Dosha Vata, responsible and creator of movement in all its forms.

When the movement stops, then the imbalance begins, and subsequently, if not compensated, the disease manifests itself, which can be more or less serious depending on the individual.

At the joint and muscle level, these imbalances present themselves in the form of pain, inflammation, swelling, or stiffness.

The causes of joint pain

The causes of joint pain can be numerous:

  • After the age of forty, in general, one begins to no longer have an optimal state of lubrication of the synovial fluid that covers the cartilage, and, consequently, the bone tissue is also affected;
  • After an operation or an accident, a trauma can occur that prevents momentary mobility;
  • The incorrect posture that people maintain at work or when walking leads to imbalances that, in the long run, create contractures and pains;
  • Hectic rhythms and a sedentary lifestyle, if you don't have the right time to dedicate to physical activity, even just a simple walk, can lead to negative consequences;
  • Far from the freshness and authenticity that nature and homemade preparations offer, industrial foods can negatively affect health.
In addition to "external" causes, according to Ayurvedic medicine, joint disorders are caused by:

  • Imbalance of the Vata Dosha, connected with the bone tissue, which with its dryness and roughness, causes pain;
  • Imbalance of the Pitta Dosha, which by generating a lot of heat, produces inflammation;
  • Toxins, which in Ayurveda are called AMA, and which are formed from incompletely digested food.
Ayurvedic solutions to Joint Pain

Ayurveda intervenes to repair these imbalances in different ways:

  • Physical treatments with specific medicated oils bring the Doá¹£a back into a state of balance and restore a natural condition in the body. As treatments, for example, you can find the MuriAbhyanga, a treatment that mobilizes the joints helping them to become more mobile and loose, or a PindaSweda, which with the help of heat and spices/herbs inside these specific bundles, works where the contracture is present, going to soothe it;
  • With the intake of Ayurvedic Medicine of Joint Pain in Patna, prescribed by an Ayurvedic doctor;
  • Advising adequate nutrition that serves to pacify the Vata dosha or the Pitta dosha, depending on whether there is more pain or inflammation;
  • Working on the elimination of toxins, increasing the power of digestion: for example, using spices that increase digestion (in Ayurveda known as "digestive fire") to allow food that is not usually digested to be broken down in the best possible way so as to be disposed of in the body without creating toxins.
In this way, Ayurveda remedies will work on the body by restoring a state of balance. To preserve the physical state achieved, your body will be cleansed of AMA, and it will be necessary to continue with a sort of "maintenance," which includes movement, a balanced diet, and a daily routine more in line with natural rhythms.