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HIV treatment center in Delhi

Posted Date : 26-12-2017 17:27

Every disease or ailment under the sky has a remedy, but HIV is one such infection that has no definite solution till date for its effective treatment method. When western medicines gave up on discovering...

HIV treatment center in Delhi

Posted Date : 22-11-2017 23:36

HIV or Human Immuno Virus is a syndrome and not a disease in itself. HIV has found reference in ancient ayurvedic texts as well as a disease with no kind of remedy available even today...

HIV Ayurvedic Treatment

Posted Date : 31-10-2017 17:36

COSNTOP is a new discovered cure for treating HIV virus. It is a remedy that is developed by an ayurvedic firm called Bhagwati Ayurveda. Even after years of research on possible cure...