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Treatment for HIV in India

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AIDS Symptoms and Diagnosis

We have heard of many immunological disorders that directly affect the normal functioning of the immunity system. This particular class of disorder is often a combination of multiple diseases that reduces a body’s capacity to fight foreign antigens. Antibodies to supress they will be produced in less amount. HIV or more commonly known as AIDS is one such immunological disorder that attacks the body’s power to fight against infection due to low immunity power. The reasons for the same can be correlated to modern medicines and even to the age old Ayurvedic science. Read further to know more about the infection.

Treatment for HIV in India Who is More Susceptible to AIDS?

As per ayurveda, AIDS or HIV is termed as ojakshaya, which mease loss of immunity. In this condition the immunity is reduced which makes a person vulnerable to many other diseases including the simple common cold. Those affected by the viral infection are more prone to transmit it to a healthy person via various modes which makes Treatment for HIV in India very difficult and challenging. The more prone categories are:

  • Those with an infected partner
  • Usually in certain areas or community, chances of HIV spread will be more and those living in such areas may be more vulnerable
  • Those having unprotected sex either with or without an infected partner
  • Drug injections may trigger the disease
  • Those with multiple sex partners
  • Blood transfusion, transplants etc. may accidentally cause the infection
It is a common notion that HIV is not curable and to certain extent it is true as there is no definite cure for the disease yet. With prolonged use of Ayurvedic Supplements, one can regain the lost vitality which will ultimately reduce chances of multiple diseases. AIDS is not spread via communication or touch, hence creating a social barrier from the diseased will not do any good, rather create an environment that brings in positivity to help healing in a better way.

Signs, Symptoms and Diagnosis

For better treatment for HIV in India, it is important to identify warning signs:

  • Frequent fever and cold
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Appearance of lesions or white spots on tongue and mouth
  • Shortness of breath
  • Fatigue, headache, vision changes among other symptoms
  • Complications may include liver damage, elevated blood sugar, TB among others.
For diagnosis of the infection, ELISA is the most appropriate and widely followed protocol. It will take more than 6 weeks for proper diagnosis results. The most common and primary detection is through blood test. ELISA stands for enzyme linked immunoassay which helps in detection of antibodies in the blood. Antibodies are usually developed by the immune system on detection of foreign bodies or antigens. The underlying principle of the technique is this antigen antibody interaction as the antibody binds itself to a specific antigen; hence the presence of a specific antibody may conclude disease state.

Researches are on-going for AIDS cure, and it will hopefully be a reality in near future. For the time being, one must consider all precautions so as to prevent onset of the disease, as they say prevention is always better than cure.