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Herpes Ayurvedic Perspective

Ayurveda is an ancient and natural way of treatment that mainly makes use of herbal ingredients for treatment. Owing to this fact, one may not suffer from serious side effects unlike allopathy medicines. Since most of the raw materials used in the medicines are natural products, it is believed that ayurvedic is effective but takes considerable amount of time to cure.

Herpes Ayurvedic Perspective Hence people are reluctant to go for it and prefer homeopathy or allopathy instead. Ayurveda has remedy for almost all kinds of ailments under the sky. Bhagwati Ayurveda is an out and out ayurvedic pharmaceutical company that is into constant research to develop cure for serious ailments including the likes of cancer, diabetes, Herpes Simplex among others.

All about the Causative Agent

Herpes Simplex is a viral infection that is caused by a virus of the same name. There are basically 2 types of viruses that cause the infection namely HSV 1 and HSV 2. These 2 are part of human Herpesviridae family of viruses that are responsible for most of the viral infections in human being. Like any other virus, this category of virus can be easily spread from one infected person to other. Therefore, to determine the Medicine for Herpes Simplex Virus, it is important that one should be aware of the kind and extent of the infection.

Most of the times, the infected are asymptomatic and even if symptoms are there, one can notice blisters or small sores that may get red and itchy with the advances of the infection. HSV 1 category of virus usually causes oral herpes, while HSV 2 are causative agents for genital herpes, the difference is the fact that sores develop around the mouth and genitals in either case respectively. In some of the cases, though there are chances of reoccurrence of the infection, even if it is treated.

The second occurrence tends to have symptoms that are noticeable and painful most of the times. In people with no symptoms, the virus tends to go away on its own without any kind of medical intervention, but on a contrary, if there are symptoms, the Treatment of Herpes Simplex Virus includes antiviral medicines that would reduce the impact of the virus.

Ayurveda and Genital Herpes

There is as such no definite treatment or medicine for the disease, but with ayurvedic intervention, one can reduce the risk as well as reduce the signs and symptoms of the infection. Ayurveda relates any kind of infection with pitta imbalance in the body and accordingly herpes is also classified.

In case the vata dosha is dominant, the blisters may be dry and rough, for aggravated pitta, the sores may be reddish and will have fluid inside the blisters, and for kapha dominancy, the sores may appear pale and might be painful. Most of the ayurvedic medicines are meant to create a balance between the 3 prominent doshas in the body and it believes that a well maintained and healthy digestive tract will keep the overall body healthy. The medicines are therefore meant to improve digestive as well as immunity powers.