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Ayurveda or Ayurvedic Medicines for the treatment of HIV/AIDS

Ayurveda can be an essential ally in the treatment of HIV- AIDS. Treatment plans can be very individual and personal. It is possible to treat HIV with drugs, but you will be on drugs for the rest of your life. Bhagwati Ayurvedic the best HIV Treatment Center in Maharashtra that offers the best Ayurveda medicines for HIV that increase the cd4 cells in the body and reduce the viral load to zero. These Ayurvedic medicines may take longer depending on the viral criteria of the patient.

Doctor for HIV Treatment in Maharashtra Know about HIV/AIDS

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a virus that attacks the immune system, specifically a type of white blood cell, CD4+ T lymphocytes, which play an important role in the body's defense mechanisms against infection. Once the infection has occurred, the immune defenses progressively weaken, and the body becomes susceptible to infections caused by other viruses, bacteria, or fungi.

AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is the advanced clinical stage of HIV infection which can manifest itself even several years after the contagion of the infection when, due to the decline in CD4+ lymphocytes, the immune system is no longer able to fight even infections that would not normally cause illness (opportunistic infections/diseases).

Ayurvedic HIV perspective

According to Ayurveda, AIDS can be associated with 'Akshaya' or 'ojakshaya,' which means loss of energy. You can support Uga, the body's primary energy, by maintaining fluid balance. In Ayurveda, all living things are considered dense, ever-changing energies. Ojas are the core of this energy. It is described as a type of sap or nectar found mainly in the bone marrow. When there is a lot of ajna, the body is healthy. When Ouja is deficient, the disease progresses. Ojas are essential for a good immune system and digestion. Therefore, to treat HIV infection, emphasis is placed on correcting fluid imbalances that contribute to an infection problem, malabsorption, or a weakened immune system.

Once the Doctor for HIV Treatment in Maharashtra has determined the constitution of the person living with HIV, he or she will prescribe treatments to improve digestion and absorption of nutrients and promote circulation and excretion. Treatment may include dietary changes, phytotherapy (herbal remedies), cleansing therapy, chakra therapy, massage therapy, and meditation. Certain tonics and certain foods can help improve aphelion. In addition to strengthening the body, these foods and tonics can also nourish the mind (spirit) and spirit.

Ayurvedic Treatment for HIV/AIDS

Ayurvedic supplements have been shown to be harmless with no side effects, so it seems that all is not lost for those living with HIV, and only improvement, not worsening, is possible.

  • The first step in stopping disease is ensuring a good and healthy patient environment. He should be surrounded by well-meaning friends and relatives who will see to it that the disease is completely cured.
  • Patients should be fed nutritious and easily digestible food. You should be encouraged to do simple exercises that do not strain your fragile body. He must continue participating in fruitful activities that strengthen his righteous inclinations.
  • Initially, the patient is given tonics and rejuvenators (Rasayanas) to increase immunity, strengthen the system, and stimulate appetite.
  • After gaining some strength, Shodhana (elimination) techniques are used for flushing toxins from the body through enemas, purging, and vomiting. It's not too hard, it's soft, and it's ghee based. Second, the blood is purified with appropriate medication. The corrective action of the liver also plays an important role.
  • An enriched diet with margarine preparations and soups is recommended. However, spicy, fatty, and acidic foods should be avoided. A small amount of alcohol is recommended as a carrier to aid digestion.
  • Patients are encouraged to exercise regularly. Steam (Swedanum) is also recommended if the patient is unable to exercise or run due to muscle weakness, as warm blood weakens the virus and is said to kill it in some cases.
Experience has shown that several herbal-mineral compounds such as Agastya, Charaka, and Sarangadhara, prepared according to the prescriptions prescribed by the sages for the treatment of Kushaya, have significantly improved the condition of AIDS patients. Rasayana and vajkara effects of these drugs are good for the patient. Special Ayurvedic medicines can improve the patient's quality of life by building immunity and preventing infections.