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Treatment of Herpes in Maharashtra

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HIV and Herpes Correlation to Ayurveda

Medical science is a vast field that encompasses various techniques and concepts for human healthcare and well-being. One of the ancient medical practises is that of ayurveda which has been in existence forever. The underlying principle of this field is that it makes use of herbal and naturally available raw materials to prepare 100% natural and Herbal Medicines. Ayurveda though is ancient but with constant research it has evolved to an extent that there is remedy for almost all kinds of ailments.

Treatment of Herpes in Maharashtra Ayurvedic Treatment of HIV

HIV or Human Immunodeficiency virus is the causative agent for AIDS. The virus directly attacks a person’s immunity system and hence weakening it from core. There is as such no definite cure for the disease but with certain medicines and treatment, you can control the extend of the disease and increase life expectancy. AIDS in terms of ayurveda is considered to be Ojakshaya, which translates to loss of energy and immunity. For an HIV virus infected person, it takes around 7 to 10 years to get AIDS.

In ayurveda, ojas is used for energy or vitality of the body, and loss of the same is considered to be the main cause of concern for people with AIDS. Ayurvedic Treatment and Medicine for HIV in Maharashtra basically focus on regaining the lost energy, so that the impact is reduced considerably. Due to insufficiency of ojas or energy, the diseased are susceptible to many other ailments.

The treatment focus on controlling the replication of the virus and improving the count of CD4. The medicines aim to improve the immunity strength by improving digestion and overall, well-being. Being vulnerable to other diseases makes the procedure quite challenging but with sheer dedication and use of herbal ingredients, the spread can be controlled to a great extent.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Herpes

Herpes is another sexually transmitted viral infection, similar to HIV or AIDS. It can be transmitted orally as well. If left untreated, the disease can be extended to HIV as well. In ayurveda, herpes is known as visarpa. It is basically an infectious viral disease that is caused by herpes virus. This indeed is a fatal disease, but with proper treatment and medicine, it can be cured to a great extent. The virus can enter the body via blood, skin, and muscles or through vaccination.

The main identifying symptom of the disease is swelling and inflammation of the infected region. You may also witness no symptoms at all, and for those who do have symptoms can find sore red blisters around the area. As per ayurvedic studies, herpes that is caused by a single dosha can be cured easily, however triple doshas are to an extent incurable.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Herpes in Maharashtra mainly focuses on improving the immunity power of the body so that it can easily fight the virus. Apart from that antioxidant, antiviral as well as antibacterial medicines are also part of the therapy. Based on the route of transmission specific treatment methodologies are suggested by the doctors.

Be it HIV, herpes or any other ailment, one should be vigilant enough to identify the symptoms and visit the doctor immediately if required, so as to prevent the spread.