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Causes of Genital Herpes

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Genital Herpes Causes and Diagnosis

Nature has bestowed human kind with various natural resources and these elements are easily available in the environment which can be harnessed to develop medicines for some of the serious ailments. One such ailment is the Genital Herpes. Medical field has developed a lot in the last few years but still it has not been able to develop a sure shot effective Genital Herpes Medicine that not only treats a patient but also ensures that he/she does not incur any kind of side effects. Genital Herpes Treatment method depends on the intensity of the disease. Not every other patient has serious impact but still the cure must be provided as early as possible. Of the many Causes of Genital Herpes, most of the people knows for the fact that it is a sexually transmitted viral infection caused by the virus of the same name. The more details of the infection will be explained below.

Causes of Genital Herpes The most evident symptom of the disease is blisters and ulcers. As the virus is transmitted from skin to skin, such blisters can occur anywhere on the body, but majorly it affects genital parts and mouth. There is not many Genital Herpes Medicine available today but of the few available ones, CONSTOP is an ayurvedic medicine that has shown a positive impact on the diseased with very few or nil side effects. The Genital Herpes Treatment with CONSTOP is all-natural way of curing the patient that includes monitoring developments on a regular basis. For any doctor into the process of treatment, it is important to known Causes of Genital Herpes so that treatment can be decided accordingly. It is also believed that these ulcers are healed in about 2 to 3 weeks but as the presence and cure of virus is not known, the chance of reoccurrence is high.

Causes of Genital Herpes

The causative agent for genital herpes is 2 namely Herpes Simplex Virus 1 (HSV 1) and Herpes Simplex Virus 2 (HSV 2).

• Sexual transmission of any kind is the major cause for the disease

• HSV 1 that causes oral herpes occurs mainly via mouth or by sharing objects like toothbrush

• HSV 2 causes genital herpes which is caused via sexual contact from an already infected person

Women are more likely to be infected by HSV 2 as the transmission is easier from male to female than form a female to male. Once a person is infected, the symptoms may start showing as early as within 3 days or maximum up to 30 days.

For appropriate Genital Herpes Treatment, one must be able to diagnose it from the initial stage itself. The presence of virus can be diagnosed by either of the following tests:

• Blood sample tests – To detect the presence of HSV antibodies which indicates previous infections

• PCR or Polymerase Chain Reaction test – Patients DNA samples are drawn from either blood, wounds or spinal fluid to identify the type of virus

• Viral Culture test – It requires a small tissue from skin, if possible scrapped from the blister, which can be tested in the lab