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What is The Most Effective HIV Treatments at Present?

It is a fact that there is no prescribed treatment for HIV at present that can cure the disease completely. These types of ailments remain as deadly as they were many years back. However, researchers and scientists have come up with some effective treatments for HIV which will help to improve the lives of the patients to a great extent. Although these treatments performed by a reliable Doctor for HIV Treatment in Delhi will not be able to cure the virus completely, they will help the sufferers to lead a decent lifestyle.

Doctor for HIV Treatment in Delhi HIV Antiretroviral Drug Treatment

As a matter of fact, the HIV antiretroviral drug treatment is going to be the most popular treatment type for this particular condition. However, this will not help to cure the patient completely. On the other hand, it will prevent the patients from becoming sick in the long run. It is possible for the immune system of HIV patients to become damaged because of the virus. Fortunately, the above-mentioned antiretroviral drug treatment will allow the individual to prevent damage to the immune system so long as he takes the medication for the rest of his life.

This particular drug treatment will allow reducing the amount of HIV levels within the system to a great extent. There is less possibility for the immune system to become weak, and it will also be able to repair itself within a short span of time. This will be almost impossible without this specific Treatment of HIV in Maharashtra. The most popular drugs that are involved in this treatment happen to be antiretroviral drugs, anti-AIDS drugs, anti-HIV drugs, and ARVs.

The Combination Therapy

One more effective treatment plan for HIV is combination therapy. This treatment will consist of taking several antiretroviral drugs at any given time. A therapy program for an individual taking several HIV treatment medications can be referred to as HAART or highly active antiretroviral therapy.

It is possible for the virus to become immune or resistant to any specific drug for the treatment of HIV in case it is used for quite some time. As a result, the drug will not be effective anymore. On the other hand, it is not possible for the virus to make these drugs ineffective in case one takes a combination of several drugs at the same time. In this way, the therapy will become more effective for an extended period of time.

At present, you will come across approximately 20 certified antiretroviral drugs on the market. Fortunately, not every drug happens to be authorized or licensed these days. Moreover, they might not be available in one particular country as well.


Getting the proper treatment for HIV might not be very easy at present. Initially, the patient will be given the prescribed antiretroviral drug for a particular span of time after which it might become effective in the long run. At this point, the patient will be administered a combination of drugs for getting the best results. This type of Treatment of HIV in Maharashtra has already helped numerous individuals over the years.