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Treatment of Herpes Simplex Virus

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Treatment of Herpes Simplex Virus

Any kind of ailment that affects the body weakens it from within. As a result, patient becomes more and more vulnerable to various other infections. A common form of such ailment which is caused by virus is AIDS or HIV. It directly attacks the immunity system. Similarly, another viral infection is herpes simplex that also affects the body to weakens its power and strength. Apart from ayurveda, no other field of science can guarantee any sort of effective Medicine for Herpes Simplex Virus infection.

Treatment of Herpes Simplex Virus What Is Herpes Simplex Infection?

The infection is caused by herpes simplex virus, either HSV 1 or HSV 2. The former leads to oral herpes or genital herpes and is usually caused via oral contact. However, the second type of virus is sexually transmitted to the body and paves way for genital herpes. As per the research, the infection is usually asymptomatic or mild symptoms are there.

The most common symptoms being blisters and sores on certain parts of the body. Without any visible symptom, Treatment of Herpes Simplex Virus becomes even more difficult. WHO has been actively working on creating awareness regarding the infection and its spread by providing effective anti-viral medicines etc. It is also believed that the infection cures itself after some time but there are high chances of reoccurrence if left untreated.

Signs, Symptoms and Spread of the HSV Viral Infection

Usually, the oral form of infection is asymptomatic but in cases where symptoms are defined includes blisters which may get sore and bleed at time. There might be cold or open sores inside or around mouth in some patients. Mostly patients may experience burning kind of sensation around mouth but these symptoms may be periodical.

The extent of occurrence may vary from one person to other. In case of genital herpes, symptoms are hardly visible but even if hey do, the most common ones are sores or blisters around the genitals. As per the studies, chances of reoccurrence of genital herpes are less than that of oral herpes with less severeness.

As discussed earlier, the infection spreads usually orally or via sexual contact. It cannot spread from a mother to a baby inside the womb. However, there are many myths and beliefs that are part of medical researches and these guidelines and norms keep on changing with new discoveries and studies.

Prevention of Herpes Simplex Infection

Ayurvedic research has caused some serious development in the field of medicine and one such significant discovery is that of CONSTOP. The medicine is believed to have power to cure the ailment from its roots and hence preventing chances of reoccurrences. Being ayurvedic medicine, it is made out of 100 percent natural and herbal ingredients that ensure no kind of side effects even after prolonged usage.

Doctors advise consumption of these medicines on prescription basis. Apart from medical remedy, to prevent getting infected, avoid any kind of oral or sexual contact with an infected person. Get yourself tested in case of mild or starting symptoms so as to prevent future complications.