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Best Treatment for Herpes

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Herpes Simplex Virus Infection

There are many different kinds of STDs known to mankind. These are most of the times caused by virus and have tendency to get spread from one person to other. However, unlike the common notion, STDs does not spread by communicating or socialising with an infected person. There are various other ways of getting infected by the virus as well as by an infected person.

HIV or AIDS is one of the most common widely heard of communicable STD category disease that has been in existence for decades. In India the spread has been comparatively low that various other countries. Similar to AIDS is HSV or Herpes Simplex Virus infection that is caused by a virus of the same name. Read further to know more details of the virus and the infection.

Best Treatment for Herpes What Is HSV and Its Classification

HSV or Herpes Simplex Virus is an infection that results in either oral herpes or genital herpes condition. Usually most of the people experience asymptomatic HSV, which means that the symptoms are mostly unnoticeable. For those who do have symptoms experience red sore blisters in different intensities. When the symptoms are correctly identified, the Best Treatment for Herpes and subsequent cure will be more effective. Although there are many simple medicines available today, but their effectiveness depends on the symptoms and their analyses on time.

HSV is an STD infection but is also one of the most common forms of the viral infection that has cure, which is not isolation of the diseased. There are 2 types of viruses, namely HSV 1 and HSV 2 that causes the infection namely oral herpes and genital herpes respectively. The presence of blisters or sores on mouth or genitals determines the kind of infection. However, there is possibility of transmission from oral herpes to genital. An experienced medical practitioner will be able to determine the type of herpes based on location of the blisters and via other diagnostic tests and accordingly the treatment will be provided.

Treatment of HSV

Practically, no healthcare expert claims to have a definite cure for the viral infection, but there are certain categories of Medicines for HSV that may prevent or shorten the outbreak. The anti-herpes medicine is effective in reducing the outbreak and transmission of the virus to your partner. The sores or blisters can be painful and may ultimately affect your immunity system, hence medicines are given to improve the immunity and reduce soreness. If a patient experience blisters, there are chances that they may go on their own with few antibiotics, but chances of reoccurrence of the event is likely to happen.

Usually, antiviral medicines are effective in reducing the effect of the virus in the body. Home remedies like cold or hot compress and other methods can also be considered. While there is no cure for the infection, you can take various precautionary steps to prevent the spread including avoiding sexual contact with the infected. Keep your sores or blisters hygienic to prevent worsening of the same. In all possibilities, avoiding communication or isolating the infected person totally is not a cure of the infection.